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Tech Lingo is based in Singapore and we are all about providing the tech reviews and provide recommendations over on our YouTube channel. Since we launched in 2015, we have worked with companies such as Google, Fitbit, OnePlus, HUAWEI, etc. to review their latest gadgets. We constantly strive to improve our video styles in a way that better caters to the Singaporean audience but also remain content-oriented.


Kyle Huang Junyuan

– Computer Science Undergrad, Nanyang Technological University

Innovation and its ability to make an impact on the world has always fascinated me. It is my life goal to understand how technology works around us in the hopes that someday, I could actually make the dreams of mine and others into reality. I genuinely crave to address challenges with the use of technology to improve lives by making a positive difference in the world. No future that we dream of is impossible if we set our mind to it.

Zenas Lim

– Electronic and Information Engineering, Imperial College London

Growing up in Singapore, a country that prides itself on its global position as a technology hub, has cast an indelible influence on my aspirations. My early affinity for Engineering shaped my development in the field. The world out there is limitless, one of infinite possibilities. As technological advancement slows to a positive plateau, product branding and design peaks to impeccable importance; distinguishing the great from a pool of good.